Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rumanien Edventure-- Tha Cents-Shuddering Concluzion OMG

This is Part 9-- 2 Start frm tha bgining w/Part 1
 OMG So like Im saying 2 Deb, Im saying like,
"OMG Deb lets just like GO. Obviusly sum1 played a like TRIK on u yo!
Count Yorga duznt evan like live in Trancilveinia and stuff or watevar yo OMG!"
But Deb is like, "OK but 1st lets peep Bhind this like CREEPERY OLD DOOR yo!"
OMG So Deb like opans tha door & like OMG
Bigfoot is like serving DRINX on tha othar side OMG!
 Deb's like "OMG this iznt a cassle @ ALL yo!
Its just 1 of Bigfoot's like FLYING SAUCERS maid 2 LOOK
like a cassle thru futuristical mind namipulation Hooray!"
 & Im like, "OMG now evrything like makes totel scents The End Yay!"
2 vue in 3D, X ur I's yo!
Yay WeR back in America now but THANX 2 Aly 4 hosteressizing us so well OMG We luv u ALy XOXOXO

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