Wednesday, August 7, 2013

OMG Spookery Rumania Picture Story Part 1 OMG

 OMG so this is tha Bginnering of a like NEW STORY of us in like RUMANIA yo!
We'll like put up 1 new 3D pic per day yo OMG Yay!
 OMG so like wats going on in this 1 is like I'm saying 2 Deb,
"OMG Deb weR like guna B L8 4 Count Yorga's like party at his like CASSLE & stuff or watevar!"
& Deb is like, "OMG Lee lemme like finnish my like Triple Dubble Mocha Cocoa-Chino yo!"
OMG it gets like EVAN MORE XSIGHTERING 2moro yo OMG!!!!

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